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Why Salt-Free Water Softeners are Beneficial

If hard water is provided by your water supply, water softeners become necessary. The level of calcium and magnesium contained in hard water is high. Water doesn't lather readily with soap because of these minerals. Limescale is also formed on kitchen appliances. You have to replace kitchen appliances because of the damage caused. When water interacts with the soil of high mineral content, it becomes hard. Your municipal water supplier may also be giving you hard water. The negative effects of hard water makes water softener use necessary. As the name suggest, water softeners soften hard water. Water readily lathers and doesn't form scale when softened. To learn more about water softeners,visit FilterSmart. Water softeners are either salt-based or salt-free. Salt-based water softeners work by replacing magnesium and calcium ions with sodium. The minerals are gotten rid of completely. When salt-free water softeners are used, magnesium and calcium are not replaced. Instead, the crystalline structure of magnesium and calcium are changed. The minerals remain in the water but the negative effects of hard water don't remain. Scaling of appliances doesn't happen and water readily lathers with soap. These water softeners are all effective. With salt-free water softeners, you will garner more benefits. Here is why.

Our bodies need calcium and magnesium for proper functioning. Magnesium is needed in the body for the proper functioning of various enzymes. Bone health is also maintained by magnesium. Calcium aids the proper formation of bone and teeth. To learn more about water softeners, click here. There are other things that calcium is needed for including helping with blood clotting. Magnesium and calcium have numerous functions in our bodies. Much like other nutrients, we get magnesium and calcium from the food we eat. Many people feel that they don't get enough magnesium and calcium from food. As a result, many people are on calcium and magnesium supplements. Your intake of the minerals will be increased when salt-free water softeners are used since they don't remove the minerals. This is not the case with salt-based water softeners which replaces magnesium and calcium with sodium.

Although sodium is needed in our bodies, many people tend to consume more than what is required. Sodium is present in most of the food we eat and this makes the level of intake high. This intake is made even higher if you are getting it from the water you drink. High blood pressure can be caused by excess sodium. Salt-free softeners don't replace the important minerals with sodium. By reducing your sodium intake, you will reduce your risk of getting high blood pressure.

Salt-free water softeners make the water potable. Water softened by salt-based softeners feels slimy. This is not done by salt-free water softeners. You will garner these benefits with salt-free water softeners.Learn more from

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